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Hungry Gals at Hungry Guy

I’ve had my eyes on the Hungry Guy for some time now. No, I am not talking of my starving boyfriend. 😉 It has been almost exactly half a year since Eyal Guy, who is from Tel Aviv, opened his restaurant in Vienna’s inner city, close to the Jewish quarter. It has been about that long since I noticed the restaurant and swore I’d try it out soon.

FINALLY, I did so. Admittedly, rather by coincidence than planned.
My cousin and I were on our way to the Donaukanal a few days ago to relax and enjoy the sun by the water and passed by Hungry Guy. The restaurant’s huge windows were open, people were sitting in the sun, eating filled pita in front of us hungry gals. We came, we saw, we ate. (Story of my life. :D)

Mango Chicken pita
Mango Chicken pita

I ordered a pita filled with Mango Chicken (mediterranean chicken, white cabbage, home-made mango chutney,  tahina; for € 9,80). My cousin had one filled with Avocado and Fried Egg (avocado, fried egg, Gervais cheese, tomatoes, rucola; for € 7,80) .

No doubt, the pita bread is home-made. And it’s soooo fluffy. 😉
My cousin loved her pita and had to eat half of it before she was able to communicate again. 😀 Mine was good too, but I realized I didn’t like
white cabbage too much.

I’ll definitively try some other home-made pitavariations soon, since there are so many and all of them sound delicious. I might even have the Pastrami pita next, filled with beef ham, home-made aioli sauce, gherkins, parmigiano and rucola (€ 8,80). Oh, I’m the worst at deciding. It’ll take forever to order next time – as usual.

Well, all you hungry guys, go and have some pita at Hungry Guy! Perfect if you’re in the area of Schwedenplatz, Stephansplatz and Hoher Markt. And also To Go for a stroll by the Donaukanal. 🙂


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