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Breakfast: primi

Everybody knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For me, it’s also probably the one I like the most. Whenever I can, I like to try out new places to have breakfast or brunch at and sit there for hours. On our girls’ day (with a somewhat male addition, our dog Beppo) past week, my mum and I tried breakfast at primi, right in the center of Vienna.

Reasonable prices

The restaurant opened up about a year ago on Neuer Markt. It’s cozy exterior and Mediterranean touch immediately caught my eye, but the upscale prices put me off. When we walked by and decided to have a look at the breakfast menu however, the prices seemed reasonable. With a fresh croissant already visualized, we thankfully sat down at a table in the garden on the sidewalk. There were cars driving by, but the plants around the garden shield us from the outside world a little bit.

Exceptional service and satisfying selection

A waiter promptly brought two menus. It came as a positive surprise, that either an espresso, a cappuccino or a cup of tea were included in the prices of all breakfast dishes. We ordered primi Breakfast Platter, a combo for two persons (croissants, butter, homemade jam, pastry, ham, grilled pancetta, Milano salami, prosciutto crudo, cheddar and feta cheese, boiled
eggs, olives, fresh guacamole, roasted pepper, fresh vegetables; € 16,90)
, two cappuccini and two breakfast_primi (1)Morning Detox fruit juices (red grapefruit, orange, lemon, ginger; € 3,80), though they had many other options. We just felt like a refreshing kick from citrus fruits and ginger. 😉

For those who like a sweet start in the day, they offer pancakes (with fresh banana, strawberries and either butter, hot chocolate sauce or maple syrup; € 7,90) and french toast (with saisonal fruit, cinnamon-mascarpone and maple syrup; € 6,90). Wouldn’t I be eating home-made granola daily for breakfast, I’d be intrigued to order their home-made granola with greek mint-lime yogurt and dried fruit (€ 6,50).

Slight disappointment – with one exception

Soon the waiter brought our drinks, along with some water for our dog. The coffee was delicious and the juices a wonderful morning pick-me-up. When the breakfast platter arrived, we were a little disappointed.

breakfast_primi (2)
primi Breakfast platter

The pancetta pieces were stiff and cool. The buns we got, were tiny, just like the ones you get at cocktails. The size wouldn’t have been a problem, but they were hard on the outside – not fresh-and-crunchy-hard, but not-fresh-hard. The eggs, which came in little cups, suggesting they should be soft-boiled, were hard-boiled. At the first glance, the cheese looked like that melting cheese you buy at the super market, but it turned out to be good. There was one slice of cheese, which had been ripped apart and put on top of the cold cuts. The guacamole tasted fine, but didn’t give our taste buds much to be excited about. Kudos, though, for fresh and crumbly feta cheese and the pickled paprika slices. AND for those INCREDIBLE croissants. I can’t remember the last time I had such perfectly soft and buttery croissants. Also, they served redcurrant jam at the side, which was a welcome alternative to other sweet spreads.

All in all

It was an ok breakfast with wonderful service, and croissants, which made us feel as if we were sitting in a café in Paris. They really need to work on the quality of their breakfast platter, though.

Hard facts

  • Breakfast is served daily from 9 am to 11:30 am
  • Lowlights: overall food quality
  • Highlights: perfect croissants; espresso, cappuccino or tea included in prices of breakfast dishes

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