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Bakery: De Laatste Kruimel

Strolling through the inner city of Amsterdam, I came across many bakeries with displays of macarons in loud garish colors and thick, unoriginal waffles, covered in plenty of colored sugar glaze and sprinkles. I have an incredibly sweet tooth, but those are just a complete turn-off. Whoever takes a closer look, though, will find there are quite a lot special bakeries all around the city. ‘De Laatste Kruimel’ is one of them.

img_8375When my sister invited me over for brunch at her place two weeks ago, I decided to bring croissants from ‘The Laatste Kruimel’ (The Last Crumb). In the course of the past months, croissants have become essential to weekend breakfasts with friends and family – and occasionally breakfast in bed by myself. When I first walked by the small shop, located in the south corner of the Redlight District, The opulent, but tasteful, window display instantly attracted my attention.

Sweet and savoury

Cakes, pies, tartes, cookies and co. pile up on one side of the entrance, while on the other side, quiches, bread puddings and salads are waiting for fans of savoury snacks.



When I arrived to pick up the croissants around 9.30 in the morning, a young woman was preparing fresh quiche for the day in the open kitchen, laying out pie baking tins with quiche-dough and filling them with onions, mushrooms, zucchini and paprika. img_8377

At the backside of the bakery, two customers had taken a seat on the small terrace at the backside of the shop, enjoying the unusually warm late-September air while looking over the water of the canal underneath. I swore to myself to come again, before it would be too cold outside. Of course, I did not, but hey, I can always wear my autumn jacket, order a cup of hot chocolate and a Pastel de Nata to go with it and enjoy the chilly October air.

Fluffy, not flaky

The croissants were heavenly: fluffy on the inside and reasonably flaky on the outside – I don’t like it, if half the croissant comes off, as soon as I touch it with my little finger. They are totally worth the price (1,20 € per piece). Not the chocolate-hazelnut-cookie I couldn’t resist trying, though. For 2,70 € (no, it was not that giant), I got a crumbly and dry piece of baked dough, the taste of which left no doubt that there was a lot of flour in it. My sister told me, the quiche she tried there a few days later was also good, while the bread pudding my mom tried didn’t convince them. This is proof that it might be better to stick with what one is good at making, instead of wanting to offer everything. Like, nearly every restaurant nowadays offers brownies. I hardly ever order one, because somehow people these days seem to think every piece of chocolate cake will pass as a brownie.

Breakfast with a view on Spiegelgracht

So, if you look for delicious croissants and enjoy the atmosphere of cozy, small bakeries, stop by ‘De Laatste Kruimel’.

Did you try any pastries or quiches there,which you just had to eat up to the last crumb? 🙂 Let me know!









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